The main outcome of the Agri-multifunctionality II (AMII) project was a training system made for Young European Farmers who would like to start different activities on their farms, thus adapting their farms to the multifunctionality concept.

The training system was made of the following parts:
- A theorethical/background document on the state of the art of Multifunctionality in Agriculture.
- A teaching guide for trainers.
- The training system based on 51 case studies coming from 20 EU Member States.
With this new project project we aim at disseminating further the project results by improving the dissemination actions already implemented in the Agri-multifunctionality project and by means of new specificly designed dissemination tools.

The Agri-multifunctionality II training product is considered innovative because it combines the following aspects:

  • E-learning and self-learning based courses. These are the most suitable training methodology for young farmers living in rural areas and who may not have the possibility of attending traditional face to face training courses;
  • Learning from Good Practices: learners learn from real experiences (Case Studies) coming from many different European contexts and covering almost all the aspects of multifunctional agriculture.  The young farmer that will use the Agri-multifunctionality II product as a training tool will have the possibility of knowing what other European “colleagues” are actually successfully doing, select the aspects that fit his faming, cultural and social context and finally implement the activity on his farm.

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