CEJA Project Coordinator

CEJA is acting as a forum for communication and dialogue between young farmers and European decision makers. CEJA’s main objective is to promote a younger and innovative agricultural sector across the EU 28 and to create good working and living conditions for young people setting up in farming and those who are already “Young Farmers”.

The main concerns of young farmers, and the focus of CEJA activities in Brussels and beyond are issues concerning access to land, credit and production rights and strengthening education and training facilities for young people in rural areas.  
CEJA represents 2 million of Young Farmers in Europe and has 32 national member organisations from 24 EU Member States, including an observer member from Latvia. CEJA remains in regular contact with young farmers’ organisations, agricultural institutions and associations throughout Europe and worldwide. Over the years of CEJA’s work with and for young farmers CEJA has built strong links with various international youth organisations. CEJA has always claimed to be independent of any political ideology.

For decades CEJA has worked tirelessly to direct concerns of young farmers towards the European institutions and to influence the policy-making at the EU level. CEJA has co-organised numerous seminars, visits, coferences and authored dozens of reports. CEJA is also involved in a number of other European projects. It has previously worked on the Ruraliter project which has been successfully finalised. Furthermore, two other projects, the Mentoring Women for Entrepreneurship and Farmland Project, are currently ongoing.