This is the Training System, designed as a work tool to facilitate the understanding and development of multifunctional activities in farming.
The main aim of this Training System is to show you in practice how other farmers who had an idea of multifunctional farming have developed it, what problems they have had, what grants they received, how they started it up and what the final results of the adventure were.

The system is structured as follows:
- An introduction on who develops the Project and Why (Home);
- Basic information on what is Agricultural Multifunctionality and its importance in the rural world today (Learn More);
- The training system with the following contents:

Case Studies: 51 case studies of Multifunctional experiences coming from 20 European Countries.
Each case consists of a first part which offers details on the person behind the idea, the farm in general and the multifunctional experience.
In the second part you will find:
- Queries and considerations related to the experience for you to answer or consider, so that you can go more in deep with the case study and relate it to your own experience;
- Recommended training that we believe would help in the setting up and management of a multifunctional experience;
- Links to the promoter web page (if any) and to other relevant web pages;
- Strengths and weaknesses of the experience;
- Multifunctional Criteria covering Social, Economic, Environmental and Cultural aspects related to the case study and a graphic representing three aspects of multifunctionality (Deepening/Broadening/Regrounding);
- Key words of the most relevant aspect of the case study.

Trainers: this part contains the teaching guide for trainers designed as a working instrument for teachers and tutors to facilitate the understanding of multifunctional activities and their implementation by farmers.

Bibliography: a list of relevant texts related to Multifunctional Agriculture, Training and other aspects tackled in the case studies is provided in this section.

Links: a list of web pages of relevant bodies, institutions and organisations at national and European Level related to Multifunctional Agriculture.
We recommend you, before going through the case studies, to read carefully the Home and Learn More parts in order to have a clearer vision about the reasons for this Training System and about Multifunctional Agriculture.

We hope that this training material provides you enough resources to learn more about Multifunctional Agriculture and, above all, to help you find ideas that may be implemented in your farming context.