Aims of the Multifarm_eu Project

The main aim of the project is to disseminate the Agri-multifunctionality II project results in order to train and inform young farmers on how to implement good agricultural practices for sustainability of their income and food security.

These are the concrete aims of the project:

  • To disseminate further the training product of the Agri-Mutltifunctionality II project;
  • To raise awareness among European young farmers on the concept of multifunctionality;
  • To provide evidence that these practices can improve prosperity of the rural economy;
  • To help young farmers to become ‘greener’ in line with the Europe 2020 priorities and through the application of the multifunctionality concept on their farms.
By reaching the above listed objectives we aim at achieving the following impacts:
  • to improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes of young farmers, especially related to entrepreneurial spirit and to multifunctional farming;
  • to foster a more active approach to learning by use of ICT;
  • to assist young farmers to start their own multifunctional farm or to adapt to multifunctionality their actual farm;
  • to enhance the social and economic sustainability of the rural areas;
  • to reduce the emigration flow from rural areas to urban areas;
  • to increase the integration of rural areas in the VET systems by means of ICT learning tools.