Activities and Implementation

The dissemination - as the main focus and activity of the Multifarm_EU project - will be carried out in the following actions:

  • Project information will be disseminated through frequent newsletters via mailing list of a mínimum 1000 contacts
  • The whole Project and its product will be translated into Polish language
  • Multifarm_Eu project’s profiles/channels will be open on the most relevant social networks and video-sharing web pages: Facebook, Twitter, You tube and Vimeo
  • Two videos about different aspects of the Multifunctionality will be edited
  • New copies of the original project Products will be edited in USB-stick format
  • Vertical and Horizontal mainstreaming activities will be ensured
  • Four specific dissemination events in Poland, Spain, Italy and Belgium will be organised
  • The project will be presented in two international Agricultural Fairs, one in IT and one in PL.